In the past four years, TigerSwan have released a number of singles, reaching over 2.500.000 streams overall on Spotify, had several songs on the radio and on Danish TV. They've performed on some of the biggest festivals in Denmark, and during the fall of 2020, they released their debut album, “H/E/R”

The trio consists of the three childhood friends Andreas (leadsinger), Christopher (guitar) and Stefan (guitar). When hearing about a guitar based trio, your mind quickly starts thinking about guitar solos, heavy riffs etc. But that’s not the case with TigerSwan. The music is full of synthesizers and other musical elements, just as in their first release, the pop ballad, “Love Me (Like You Used To)". The track doesn’t even have guitar on it, but it’s written on one! 


In 2020 the trio released their critically acclaimed debut album 'H/E/R': Eight personal stories, that revolves around the trio’s experiences with the opposites sex, from the teens to the mid 20s. The album is divided into two parts - the happy and the sad stories about falling in love, breakups, drunk dialing etc.
The album was praised for its 80s inspired sound, its international level as well as the trio's courage to mess around with some of the unwritten rules of pop music. A critic from the acknowledged music magazine, GAFFA, called the debut album, not only the best in Denmark 2020, but one of the best one in years. 
It debuted at #3 on the Danish Vinyl Chart in its week of release and was "Album of the Week" on the biggest radio channel in Denmark, P4. 

"We've tried to tell stories from the, in our opinion, most pivotal years, when it comes to love - the teens to the mid 20s. It's where you really go from rookie to a somewhat experienced person, thinking you know what you want, or still have absolutely no clue about it, hehe. It's also where we made the most mistakes, had the most heartbreaks and caused some as well. It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to revolve our songwriting around these things. In many ways the album is us saying thank you to the past experiences and girlfriends, good or bad, we wouldn't have been without any of it", says leadsinger Andreas. 












Now the trio is out with their next single, and front runner for their second record, called "Crazy (Woman Like That)". A song that without a doubt shows a more organic approach to their sound, and points the trio in a new direction. To assist them with the new direction is Ole B. Meyer, who recently produced the Danish succes trio, JUNG. The song is co-written with Christoffer Stjerne, who also co-wrote many songs on "H/E/R". 


The song has during the last six months become a love story from TigerSwan to the life we all await - One where we can join each other in bars, clubs, at parties and have a blast not thinking about Covid-19, social distancing etc. 

"In a lot of ways the lyrics may just seem like another love story, but to us, the woman in the song has become a synonym of the life we once had, and can't wait to get back to. THAT's what we're crazy about. So it started as one thing, and now it's more a tribute to life", Christopher explains. 

The new record from TigerSwan is set to be released primo 2022. 


Despite all that, TigerSwan is still a relatively small fish in the big sea. However they’ve already played large festivals such as Langelandsfestival 2018, done warm up gigs for Carpark North, and the highlight so far - headlining Frederikssund Festival 2019 with big names such as Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Tina Dickow etc. Everything without having a booking or major label behind them. They are an absolute "one to watch" live act, which Frederikssund Festival can acknowledge, as they re-booked the trio straight after their concert at the festival in 2018, after having watched them create an impressive show in one of their tents, during mid day. 

"We enjoy playing wherever, and have always thrived performing in front of an unfamiliar crowd, which we've tried in Japan, USA and several times in Denmark of course. Frederikssund Festival 2019 it was 1200+ people, that we'd never seen before, and at the end of the show they were all singing and clapping along. It was amazing", says Stefan.