In 2019 it's been hard not to notice the pop trio, TIGER/SWAN, as they are one of the most interesting pop acts out there right now.


It all began with their release of 'Novocaine' in January, which got them the spot as "Hit Tip of The Week" at the largest radio station in Denmark. From there on the song had a life of it's own, and could easily be described as a radio hit. 


Their latest single 'YoungWildReckless' also received airplay on several radio stations, got great reviews from several music blogs, both home and abroad, as well as it was praised for it's catchy hookline and it's positive pop vibe. Many stated it sounded like a “hit”.

And then the trio also found them selves headlining a Danish festival with names such as Tina Dickow, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Rasmus Walter etc. 


So 2019 has been a massive year for TIGER/SWAN. And they are far from done yet....! There’s more to come.

Looking back, the three childhood friends have gone from sharing heart aches, hangovers, partying etc, to being musical partners as well, and it has been somewhat of a journey. They’ve already played in countries like USA and Japan, been recording music with well known musicians in Las Vegas, had their music on national television during FIFA World Cup, and they’ve warmed up for well-known acts like Carpark North. 

For TIGER/SWAN Las Vegas is sort of a second-kind-of-home, as they used 1,5 years going back and forth between Denmark and Las Vegas, to write songs, record demos and study the craft of songwriting, with musicians who played with artists like Mariah Carey, Savage Garden, Lifehouse, Janet Jackson etc.


So after all the hard work, the trio released a single called 'Love Me (Like You Used To)'. It didn’t go to radio, but it did hit New Music Friday Denmark, and more importantly the Denmark Viral 50 Chart, for weeks on Spotify, solidifying that they were worth noticing and keeping an eye on.

That single lead to TIGER/SWAN teaming up with the label Knightvision, for the release of their single 'Novocaine' + the acoustic version. A release that altogether has almost 500.000 streams today, and a deal that wouldn't have happened, if it wasn't for Spotify and the release of 'Love Me (Like You Used To)'.

And last, but not least, TIGER/SWAN signed a Publishing deal, as well as a single deal, with the Danish label, Iceberg Records, who released their latest single 'YoungWildReckless' + the remix.

As written earlier - there’s more to come...!



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